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spiritual medium/psychic


My Spiritual Blogs

I have reserved this section to pass on messages that I have received over the years from Spirit and have actually managed to capture them in my personal journal. I have decided to bring forth some of these messages as I feel that they may offer someone insight or comfort in handling the daily trials and tribulations we all face in life.

Stay tuned as I work towards placing the messages on this page!


I think about the many sequences of events that occur every day in my life and think of them as being separate events and that thought would not be connect. Every event is not separate because they are all linked together. The reason is because I am the link that is occurring in every event. I can change every event whether it is directly or indirectly, it would be my choice to create that change. If I didn't think I could affect the change in an event, then what would be the purpose for me to be there at that moment? The answer is is to "be present" at that moment because that moment will be the event that will change you. 


I would like to welcome everyone who have joined me in my blog section. I apologize for not posting sooner but the fact is my website intimidated me or should I say my lack of understanding how to work on and edit my website set me in a panic. In the past, I would hand my information to a friend, whom I am very grateful for the patience and knowledge this person needed to work with me and on my website. So here are my messages as I am told.


It has been a time where we are trying to find our purpose and meaning of our life, both from our past, present, and future. Our existence is who we are at this moment, which creates our direction for the next moment. We become engaged and attached to everything and forget our existence is as one. We are all energy, the same energy. Let us take a moment and see ourselves as one and truly appreciate and thank our moment together.   


The other day while I was out for a daily run, I was overcome with a moment of unspeakable awareness of love and compassion. I have felt this feeling many times in my life, and I am always grateful for these moments. It is an incredible connection with the universe as it continuously awaits for the moment we are in receiving and acceptance of the messages given. What a gift the universe has given all of us as it quietly crosses our path.